Product description:

  • MPMC diesel generator sets used world-renowned brand of engines, generators, control module and circuit breaker, basis to secure electrical design, rugged design, excellent industrial design, excellent noise reduction design, combined with standardization and personality with reliable power protection for customers


  • Strong and durable, reliable operation, rain-proof and noise reduction, convenient maintenance

Features description:

  • Genuine engine/alternator and high-level configuration ensure to provide reliable power for customer.

    Standard design and personal modification ensure to offer the project at the fastest speed.

    Steady and strong design
    Strong supported chassis design of small vibration and stable running.

    Anti-collision design can meet the safety need.

    Strong lift design can reach the requirement of heavy load. Proper inlet and outlet air system design ensure the reliability of genset running in silent condition.

    Environment friendly Silent type design meets the noise requirement.

    Humanized operation and maintenance design Large inspecting and repairing space meets customer need.

    Top lifting point and fork lift holes are easy for transportation.

    Convenient external fuel filler device and optional transform interface are easy for customer to add fuel.

    Humanized operating interface and fully functionalized control system Fine processing craft and surface treatment craft ensure the appearance of high quality and esthetics.


  • MPMC silent diesel generator are widely used like exhibition, construction, highway, mining, manufacturing, military, telecommunications, oilfield, hospital, rental, harbor etc.

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