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Heavy fuel oil(HFO) generator sets are mostly medium and low speed generators, which have the advantages of low operating cost, long-term continuous operation and reliable operation, long service life, fast return on investment and low noise. It is the best choice for factories, large industrial and mining enterprises and regional power plants, large industrial and mining enterprises and regional electricity that need continuous and uninterrupted power consumption.


1. Compared to diesel generators, the price of HFO generator is relatively low. It is more economical to use.

2. HFO generator has good durability, and its overhaul period is long. The shortest time takes more than 10,000 hours to be overhauled. The longest time is more than 40,000 hours before it needs overhaul, and the service life is long, while the diesel engine generally require overhaul in about 7,000 hours.

3. HFO generator has low noise, but the installation covers a large area and has a long installation period.

4. The fuel consumption is low, but the one-time investment is relatively large.

5. The HFO generator has strong load capacity and can operate safely and reliably at 90% load for a long time, so it has higher requirements for operator and equipment management.

6. The operation of HFO generator is stable, reliable and continuous. In addition, it can make full use of exhaust gas refrigeration, resulting in considerable economic benefits.

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