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Product Details
MPMC light towers, relied on its high reliability, maximum safety, easy operation,simple maintenance and energy conservation etc., are suitable for varies applications like construction site, mining filed, rental business, public equipment service, accident handling, large-scale event, disaster relief etc.
Stable performance, High safety, High lumen, Energy conservation, High adaptability
Features description:
Genuine engine/alternator and high-level configuration
Standard design and personalized modification
Energy conservation and environment protection
LED lighting system
Fashionable design, European style.
Safe and reliable operation.
High-tensile mast material and structure, 9m extend
Powerful hydraulic lifting system.
Safety protection system to raise up and bring down the mast.
User-friendly operation interface.
Earth leakage protection system.
Reliable grounding system.
Fully bunded base frame, completely sealing up and friendly environmental protection.
Optional on road trailer, easy for transportation with low transport cost.
Clamshell canopy design allows maximal maintenance access.
Mast 360°rotation and lights 90°adjustment.
Various lights installation available.

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